Research Finance

The Research Finance Office is responsible for helping principal investigators and research personnel with the efficient and effective fiscal management of external grants and contracts once awarded


What We Offer

  • Account management for external sponsored research projects
  • Supply and Material purchases
  • Independent Contractor payments
  • Research Participant payments
  • Payroll sourcing and planning
  • Hotel and Event contracting
  • Account monitoring
  • Expenditure planning
  • Liaison with Sponsored Research Services (SRS)

Please submit a Post-Award Request Form for the following

  • Purchase Requests
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Independent contractor certifications forms (ICSC)
  • Independent contractor invoices
  • Credit card receipts
  • Hotel and event contracts

Please email for payroll actions

  • Faculty Effort
  • Summer Salary
  • Research staff effort


Photo of Dr. James Fluckey

Clayton Holle

Senior Business Administrator I

Office 441
Photo of Dr. James Fluckey

Modesta Molina

Business Administrator I

Office 439
Photo of Dr. James Fluckey

Marianna Lovato

Business Coordinator III

Office 437
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Jennifer Ramirez

Photo of Dr. James Fluckey

Makenna Kotrla